I just posted about this road a few days ago: Mt. Hamilton Road, east of San Jose, CA. Climb 4200 feet to the summit, stop and enjoy the views at Lick Observatory, then continue down the back side of the mountain to a country bar and grill called The Junction, literally in the middle of nowhere. The climb to the top… » 2/25/15 11:08pm Wednesday 11:08pm

I drive an Estoril Blue F30 M-Sport. I've added quite a few M-Performance parts to it. It's debadged. Now, it's a quick car, but doesn't even compare to an M3. The amount of people that try to race me blows my mind. Almost every night on the freeway... It's annoying haha. » 1/09/15 8:22pm 1/09/15 8:22pm